20 Years of Excellence in Development,
Architectural Design, Leadership,
Investment Strategy.
Ready to Propel Your Company Forward.
If you're a growing business, you may be facing a common problem: you need the expertise of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), but you can't afford to hire one full-time.

As a fractional CTO, I act as a part-time or project-based leader who can help you navigate the complex world of technology and make strategic decisions that will drive your business forward.

I provide the expertise you need without the cost of a full-time executive.
Benefits of Hiring Me as Your Fractional CTO
Strategic Planning
A fractional CTO can help you align your technology strategy with your business goals. They'll work with you to develop a roadmap for your technology investments and ensure your systems are scalable, reliable, and secure.
Technology Expertise
With a fractional CTO on board, you'll have access to the latest technology trends and innovations. They can help you evaluate new technologies and ensure you're making the right investments for your business.
Hiring a full-time CTO can be expensive, especially for a growing business. With a fractional CTO, you get the same level of expertise at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you only pay for the services you need, when you need them
A fractional CTO can work with you on a project basis, part-time, or even as a virtual CTO. This gives you the flexibility to scale your technology leadership as your business grows.

What about a free consultancy call?

You don't know if you need a fractional CTO?
You don't know if you can afford one?
You don't think, that a remote CTO can help you?

There is only one way to find out. Let's Talk.
Why Should You Work With Me?
  • 100% Remote
    I am currently located in the Eastern Timezone (UTC-5).
    I work 100% remotely, therefore I am available to work globally, including, but not limited to USA, Europe and Asia
  • Fractional Price, Full Leadership
    Leadership is not defined by presence, but rather by accountability and the communication of clear goals and expectations. You will get full leadership at a fraction of the price of a full-time CTO.
  • Experienced Developer, Manager and Start-up Founder
    You will be able to tap into my 20 years of experience, from building highly scalable software for social networks to various start-ups in the finTech space and as technical co-founder.
  • Brutally Honest Communicator
    It is hard to find friends when you are in management. You will not buy my friendship, but you will get my directness and honesty free of charge because I can't change who I am. No BS, no sugar coating.
  • Experienced Due Diligence Expert
    I have conducted due diligence on various start-ups and will prepare you to have your house in order, when investors knock at your door.
  • Multiple Languages
    I am fluent in English, German, Polish, French and Spanish.