Shatter Doubts, Seize Leadership

  • Are you a start-up CTO or a Technical Leader, facing growing pains of your company?
  • Do you need a sparring partner to exchange thoughtsor run your ideas by someone?
  • Does your work sometimes feel overwhelming and the day too short?
  • Are you about to raise your next investment round, but stressed about how to get through it?

It is hard to have friends in management, but you are not alone!

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Many CTOs have faced your challenges, including myself.
Why Should You Get A Coach?
The air in tech management can get really thin, especially if you are surrounded by non-technical people. You are faced with non-technical challenges on a daily basis. This is not a bad thing. It, however, adds some challenges to your job on which you can grow.

Wouldn't it be great to have someone who lived through similar times? This is where I am happy to help.

While mentoring is widespread in sports and among executives of top 500 companies, it is not that common in SMEs and start-ups. My mission is to change that by supercharging the power of startup CTOs and technical leaders.
What Happens During A Coaching Session?
In our weekly sessions, we will work on a wide range of different topics and challenges.
  • Weekly Fire-Fighting
    We will discuss all issues and questions that you would collect during the week, always focussing on the whole company, not only Engineering. The topics could include, but are not limited to:

    • Stakeholder Management
    • Hring
    • Team Management
    • Technology and Architecture
  • Personal Development
    During our first sessions, we will determine where you want to develop yourself. This will become our guiding light. After all, coaching is also a mindset change and it i about you.
    I will constantly suggest articles and literature for direction. Reaching your personal goals is key to satisfaction and therefore key to high performance.
  • Team Development
    Your team is never static, it grows and has a dynamic of its own. We will work on keeping your team motivated, fostering ownership and accountability among its members. Keep in mind that you are managing developers and they deserve to be developed.
Become A Multiplier
Your job is to build a high-performing team. You will achieve this by becoming a high performer yourself. Your performance multiplies by the number of members of your team.
There is not 'I' in team - but there is in 'win'.
— Michael Jordan

Become a Better Tech-Leader Today!
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What Is A Welcome Call?
Coaching is not a digital product that you buy online. It requires a connection and trust.
Find out, if working with me is a match for you in a welcome call, where we get to know each other and where I can learn about your expectations. This call is completely free of charge.

Please select a time and date that fits best into your calendar bellow.
Why Should You Work With Me?
  • 100% Remote
    I work 100% remotely, therefore I am available to work globally, including, but not limited to Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. On-site onboarding and ramp-up are not a problem.
  • Experienced Start-up Founder
    You will be able to tap into my experience from building various start-ups as technical co-founder.
  • First Mentoring, Then Coaching
    We will start by extinguishing your burning problems and will transition into developing you and your team.
  • Honest Communicator
    I will communicate with you in a direct and effective manner. No BS, no sugar coating.
  • Experienced Due Diligence Expert
    I have conducted due diligence on various start-ups and will prepare you to have your house in order, when investors knock at your door.
  • Multiple Languages
    I am fluent in English, German, Polish, French and Spanish.
  • Internetional Avalibility
    I currently work with clients from various industries and multiple time zones, including Europe, America, and Africa.