Client Success Stories
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  • I’ve worked with Sebastian for over a year and can absolutely recommend him as a coach, mentor and sparring partner for technical leaders. His hands-on experience, pragmatic mindset and radical candor helped me a lot in continuously discovering new perspectives and making the right decisions!
    Nikolai Gulatz
    CTO & Managing Director @ Instaffo
  • The CTO coaching with Sebastian was very valuable for me. He's a "been-there-done-that" guy you can talk to about issues you face in your position as a technical leader. We worked a lot together on team topologies, but also discussed detailed technical issues. He also provided personal insights and tried to take care of your personal well-being and growth during the sessions. I highly recommend working with him.
    Stafan Wagner
    CTPO at Menlo79
  • I had the pleasure of working with Sebastian as my CTO coach, and I can confidently say that he is an invaluable asset to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills in a technology organization. Sebastian has an incredible ability to listen and provide thoughtful feedback that is tailored to your specific challenges.

    During our coaching sessions, Sebastian provided me with valuable advice and validation of my thinking around management challenges, team structuring, and day-to-day work. His insights were always spot-on and helped me to better navigate complex situations with my team. Additionally, his guidance was always grounded in real-world experience, which made it all the more actionable and valuable.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Sebastian to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills in a technology organization. His expertise, experience, and ability to tailor his coaching to your specific needs make him an invaluable asset to anyone looking to grow in their role.
    Milko Slavov
    CTO at TOKI
  • Sebastian is a brilliant and gifted technology leader who knows how to get the best out of people.

    We worked together for several years in Kontist where he was both my boss and mentor. I had an opportunity to transition through several roles, from individual contributor to leadership and his support and guidance on this path have been instrumental. Not only does he understand technology very well, but he is also great in passing the knowledge as well as building high performing teams. In addition to his professional expertise I find even more important his sense of humour, cheerful personality and in general a very positive attitude toward life and challenges. He is very approachable and full of experiences, always a pleasure to have a chat with him.

    Sebastian is an ultimate tech leader and I would recommend him without a hesitation to any company or team.
    Milos Nikolic
    Engineering Manager at Emma.
  • Sebastian has been giving a course on leadership while I was working at Ageras. He does not only manage to present the information in a clear and entertaining way, but has a unique ability to engage the audience in deep conversations from which you come enriched and enlightened.

    I felt he has an incredible balance of knowing his craft, being humble and at the same time having and expressing his own opinions based on his knowledge rather than what books would tell you.

    I would definitely recommend Sebastian as a mentor/tutor/coach!
    Mikhail Yaroshevskiy
    Software Engineer at Booking.com
  • Sebastian is a great CTO and mentor. He is able to unite product and dev to achieve its best.
    By constantly improving agile work process he creates an atmosphere of real innovation.
    He has the ability to break down complex matters to make them understandable for everybody.
    It was great working together with him and I owe him a lot. Would love to work with him again in the future.
    Aaron Plantener
    Lead Product Manager at Kontist
  • Sebastian is an outstanding CTO and a popular speaker at international tech conferences.
    More than that, he has the ability to listen, think, talk or execute - each at the right time and without compromise.
    He knows how to motivate, empower and grow individuals and teams with his enthusiasm and energy. He creates an atmosphere of continuous learning, motivation, respect and fun.
    I have learned so much about leadership from Seba, and it has been a pleasure working with him.
    Johannes Pfeiffer
    CTO at Kontist
  • Sebastian is true technology visionier. He is able to turn most complex Engineering issues into set of pragmatic and comprehensive steps that make a venture journey simpler and more enjoyable. I could only recommend Sebastian for any mission driven business at scale.
    Sergiej Soft Rewiakin
    Head of Tech at Caspar Health